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The Black Boy Inn has been a landmark in Reading for over 500 years. It’s historic name is believed to refers back to the English civil war; during the reign of Charles II, it is supposed that it and other Black Boy pubs around the country were named after the king, who was renowned partly for his swarthy complexion. Alternatively, many believe that the name comes from a famous dark figurine smoking a pipe that once adorned the doorway.

The pub also boasts an important piece of British history; it was built around an ancient wisteria tree which is located to the rear of the pub and the tree is believed to be one of the oldest wisteria in the country.

If you have any further information or old photos relating to our pub’s history – we’d love to hear from you! Please contact Debbie Eke on 01483 762 378 or email her at debbie.eke@baronspubs.com

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