Euros 2024

We’re showing the Euros in our garden this Summer!

Give us a call on 01276858652 to reserve your table for some nail-biting footie action ⚽️

14 June: Germany v Scotland (20:00)
15 June: Hungary v Switzerland (14:00)
15 June: Spain v Croatia (17:00)
15 June: Italy v Albania (20:00)
16 June: Poland v Netherlands (14:00)
16 June: Slovenia v Denmark (17:00)
16 June: Serbia v England (20:00)
17 June: Romania v Ukraine (14:00)
17 June: Belgium v Slovakia (17:00)
17 June: Austria v France (20:00)
18 June: Turkey v Georgia (17:00)
18 June: Portugal v Czech Republic (20:00)
19 June: Croatia v Albania (14:00)
19 June: Germany v Hungary (17:00)
19 June: Scotland v Switzerland (20:00)
20 June: Slovenia v Serbia (14:00)
20 June: Denmark v England (17:00)
20 June: Spain v Italy (20:00)
21 June: Slovakia v Ukraine (14:00)
21 June: Poland v Austria (17:00)
21 June: Netherlands v France (20:00)
22 June: Georgia v Czech Republic (14:00)
22 June: Turkey v Portugal (17:00)
22 June: Belgium v Romania (20:00)
23 June: Switzerland v Germany (20:00)
23 June: Scotland v Hungary (20:00)
24 June: Albania v Spain (20:00)
24 June: Croatia v Italy (20:00)
25 June: Netherlands v Austria (17:00)
25 June: France v Poland (17:00)
25 June: England v Slovenia (20:00)
25 June: Denmark v Serbia (20:00)
26 June: Slovakia v Romania (17:00)
26 June: Ukraine v Belgium (17:00)
26 June: Georgia v Portugal (20:00)
26 June: Czech Republic v Turkey (20:00)

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“Fantastic tasty meal with plenty of fresh veg and tender meats -definitely a must on a Sunday lunchtime We thoroughly enjoyed our family meal - would definitely recommend Sunday lunch at the Inn -you will not be disappointed ! ”

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“Beautifully finished, tastefully decorated and thoughtfully laid out bedroom and en-suite. Quality toiletries. Super shower with plenty of roasting hot water. Delicious evening meal in the restaurant, which was packed with savvy diners! ”

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